youth projects & corona virus

Due to the situation with Covid19, the Corona Virus, Regenfx has taken the decision to suspend all our face to face youth work until further notice as of today the 17 March 2020. This will include:
· Springhall & Whitlawburn YDT Youth Space
· Senior Street
· Junior Street
· Radworx
· Strutherhill & Birkenshaw Youth Project
· Hyper Cyber
· GoTo groupwork
· Regenfx Youth Board & Youth Voice Panel
· Burnhill Youth Project
The staff team are working hard to put plans in place so that we can still connect with you using our closed Facebook group pages or other forms of social media still to be decided. In the meantime if you need us you can call as at your usual club times and speak with your Youth Worker. We will keep you updated.
Junior Street - 07306178649
Hyper Cyber - 07394435438
Senior Street - 07306122420
GoTo Project - 07306222093
Springhall Youth Project - 07306226601
Strutherhill and Birkenshaw Youth Project - 07394435438
We know that the more contact we have, the higher the chance of Covid19 progressing. Social distancing helps but we still risk contact with those who test positive, or those who have had contact with those who test positive. Particularly when people are asymptotic. If you hear that someone you had contact with is positive, or has been in contact with someone who is, self isolate and seek medical advice.
More medical research is emerging each day so may be updated further.
If you’re unsure or sick in any way - self isolate and seek medical advice as necessary.

Call us:

01698 552101