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Regen:fx Youth Trust was established as a charity in 2007. The trust aims to identify, design and deliver new and innovative solutions to ease youth disorder and anti-social behaviour and provide youth diversion activities within the regeneration areas of South Lanarkshire.

As well as information on the many groups we work with throughout this site, you will find the application forms and guidelines needed to access the funding strands that we help to provide. If you or your group needs help with funding, just fill in an application and return it to us to see if we can help.

You will also find information on a range of solutions we help to deliver. We could never do this alone, and as always, we have tried to highlight the great work our partners provide in delivering these solutions.

The Street

Strong issues will be covered on the journey through The Street. Be prepared; harsh language and violence meet you in a strange territory. Anything can happen on your journey, with topics ranging from sexual health to domestic violence, knife crime, and substance abuse.

Each year the The Street evolves with the topics changing according to what the cast and other informed partners see as issues that are current and need exploring. The “show” takes around 20 minutes, followed by an hour long workshop that tackles the show’s issues head on.


The project began as a summer holiday programme in 2003. The initial remit was to offer positive diversionary activity for young people aged 8-18 by offering free skateboard, BMX and in-line skating lessons at the skateparks in Blantyre, Carluke and later, East Kilbride.

To find out more about hiring Radworx, joining their totally free summer training programmes, their indoor park or just to see pictures and videos of the guys in action, click on the link to visit the official Radworx website.

“With strong partnership working, anything is possible!”

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